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Carly Stewart is the queen of holiday celebrations, but her mistletoe misstep sends her running to a Holiday Hideaway that teaches her the importance of family, forgiveness, and fighting for love.

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Holiday movies are so popular not simply because they are “escapes,” rather, these films offer viewers a glimpse into the world as it could be. These movies offer a variety of portraits of everyday life while affirming ethical values and social morals along the way.  That Christmas is a lucrative market everyone wants a piece of is hardly a surprise.  Hallmark and Lifetime has been the staple platforms and now all streaming platforms are vying for that women between the ages of 25 -54 demo market that averages nearly 36 million viewers during the holidays.

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Carly Stewart adores holidays but when her Type A personality leads her to feeling underappreciated by her family and misunderstood by her boyfriend, she retreats from both by accepting a traveling assignment that takes her to the magical Tea & Rose Inn. Delightful owners, Rose and Thomas, help her reconnect with herself and the true meaning of Christmas and through it all, she realizes that being perfect isn’t nearly as important as being loved.